Kristen Bell wore a metallic mermaid jumpsuit to the People’s Choice Awards

Get ready to have serious outfit envy friends, because the mermaid-inspired metallic jumpsuit that Kristen Bell wore to the People’s Choice Awards Wednesday night is everything you’ve ever wanted in a red carpet ensemble — and more.

The sparkly silver jumpsuit, from Russian designer Rasario’s spring/summer 2017 collection, definitely landed the The Good Place actress on the night’s best-dressed list. And by pairing the glam glittering jumpsuit with nothing but her gorgeous signature beachy waves, the look perfectly captured Bell’s unique high-low style sensibility.

Design house Rasario is best known for its bustier dresses and jumpsuits, and Bell certainly did justice to the brand’s most iconic look. Take a peek!


Can you not picture yourself wearing this jumpsuit to every wedding, bridal shower, or fancy birthday party on your calendar this spring? We thought so!

Well-heeled Bell was among the night’s winners at the People’s Choice Awards, taking home the award for Favorite Actress in a New TV Series for her work on The Good Place.

She clearly enjoyed the event, introducing Tyler Perry as the winner of the Favorite Humanitarian award — even overcoming a teleprompter fail like a champ! — and sharing cute selfies with husband Dax Shepard from the car on the way to the ceremony.

His caption is perfect: “See @kristenanniebell page for the reverse.”

Ta da! Oh you guys. You always give us #relationshipgoals.

And thanks to Kristen’s A+ red carpet ensemble, we have major #stylegoals now, too!

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