Kristen Bell wore butt pads to the Golden Globes, is most relatable human ever

Okay, so we already knew we were obsessed with Kristen Bell (aka Veronica Mars, aka Anna from Frozen, aka one of the coolest/realest ladies in Hollywood). And this pic of Kristen Bell wearing butt pads to the Golden Globes just solidified her as the most relatable human ever to walk the earth.

Now if you’re wondering what, exactly, a butt pad is, we’ve got you covered. It’s essentially a cushion you wear on your derriére to make it look a little curvier (basically, a push up bra for your bottom half). It kind of looks like half Spanx, half padding, and it’s definitely one of the less “glamorous” sides to getting red-carpet ready.

Let’s take a look, shall we?


We’re honestly kind of obsessed with the fact that Bell had zero qualms about showing us this particular stage of her getting ready process. Because, more than anything, it reminds us that all the perfection we see on the red carpet actually takes hours to achieve and usually involves a ton of pads, tape, pushing up, pulling down, and a ton of other sneaky optical illusions. THUS, we shouldn’t ever compare ourselves to those images or feel less than because we don’t “measure up.”

We all could look like glamorous AF movie stars if we had teams of people getting us ready.


So, thank you Kristen, for helping us remember that everyone — even the most gorgeous of Hollywood stars — are often wearing things like butt pads. Oh, and for having the BEST sense of humor and never taking yourself too seriously.

Now, um, are you like, in the market for a new BFF? Because you know where to find us.

H/T Buzzfeed

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