Kristen Bell surprised her sister in a VERY big way, and it was too cute

If someone could kindly direct us to the nearest “Be Adopted by Kristen Bell” sign-up sheet, we’d really appreciate it because she’s by far one of our favorite people on the planet. As People reports, Bell surprised her sister with a basement makeover, and the entire exchange was too cute. If our plan to have Bell take us into her fold doesn’t work out, we would totally settle for going over gorgeous home makeover ideas with her — she’s obviously invested in taking a house from blah to bam.

(True, Dax Shepard and his beloved La-Z-Boy chair would vehemently disagree, but we’ll gladly let him take that up with his wife.)

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So, back to reason 1,000,001 why we’re beyond ready to call it a wrap on this thing called adulting and become the first grownups to be taken in by a celeb. After noticing that her older sister Sara’s basement could stand to be renovated to better suit her family’s needs, Bell enlisted the help of designer Melissa Kennedy and Sara’s husband to Tom to transform the space in their Detroit home into a warm, inviting haven.

The Ashton Kutcher-produced web series My Houzz featured the surprise renovation on one of its episodes, giving us a glimpse at all the hard work Bell and company put into giving Sara’s basement a brand new look:

And here’s a look at the full episode and the updated basement, complete with Sara and her family’s heartwarming reactions:

SIGHS. It doesn’t get any more thoughtful than this. Thanks to Kristin, Sara and her family for sharing this super sweet family moment with us.

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