Kristen Bell stars in a video about the gender pay gap and it’s hilarious (and infuriating)

We LOVE Kristen Bell, and her recent video for Huffington Post has us seriously cracking up so hard, because it’s all too relatable. Bell stars in “Pinksourcing,” a video that raises awareness of the gender pay gap by pointing out the ways women are turned into cheap labor (and are expected to provide their workspace with baked goods and birthday parties) instead of treated like actual employees.

Bell straight up calls out the pay gap, and we’re loving it.

“Why outsource all of your production to far away countries like India, China and Narnia when we have the cheapest and the best work force right here in the good ol’ US of A; Women, Bell says.

Like, OMG. She gets real real quick, and we’re so here for it.


It also recognizes the discrepancies between white women and women of color, like, TG.

When she hears that white women make 77 cents on the dollar, a black woman says, "Wait, I make 60 cents. Who are you, Bill Gates?"

We’re seriously dying over here. The humor here is so on point, and perfectly effective.


"I make 55 cents," a Latina woman retorts.


Like, YES. Here’s to viewing issues like the pay gap through a more intersectional lens!

"Pinksourcing: Pretty, pink labor. Will also work for compliments."


Watch the video below!

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