Kristen Bell just shared an epic throwback photo of herself as a toddler

Yesterday marked a very important day — it was Kristen Bell’s 37th birthday. While we’re sure she celebrated at home with husband Dax Shepard and her kids, she also made note of the big day through Instagram. Wouldn’t you?

Bell, who we’ll be seeing on the big screen this November in A Bad Mom’s Christmas, decided to share one of the sweetest throwback photos we’ve seen in awhile. Thanks to the Sesame Street-themed candle on top of her birthday cake, we know this was taken when she was just turning three. Looking as excited as ever, she’s seen celebrating with her dad.

Candle and delicious chocolate cake aside, those balloon decorations on the wall are definitely something else!

Bell captioned her photo with a sweet shout out to her family, who helped shape her to be the excellent individual she is today.

"I am incredibly happy to be alive," Bell wrote. "I'm grateful for my mom, my dad, and my whole family for supporting me, challenging me, and keeping me grounded. 37 feels quite good 😊"

As her fans were quick to point out, Bell’s Dad, Tom Bell, kinda-sorta resembles actor Chevy Chase in the photo. We’re sure he probably got the comparison quite a lot back in the day.


Of course, while birthdays are the perfect time to reflect, they can also be pretty funny.

That’s the course that actor Ryan Hansen decided to take while wishing his buddy a happy birthday.

Out of all the celebrity shout-outs that Bell got, that’s definitely one of the best. Nothing beats the gift of a solid laugh.

We hope that Kristen Bell had a fantastic day, and we’re sure her 37th year is going to be a great one.

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