Kristen Bell’s new razor-sharp blunt bob is a throwback to the ‘90s

Bob fever continues to take Hollywood by storm. Celebs left and right are ditching their long hair in favor of short, sleek bob cuts. While ‘90s-inspired bobs (you know the style—super sleek, with a flip inward at the bottom) have been seen on every celeb from Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian West to Ciara and Lucy Liu, Kristen Bell just chopped her lob into a different take on the ’90s blunt bob. It’s the perfect November haircut for literally any year, but especially for 2019.

Bell’s signature look in recent years has been a wavy long bob. But back in March, she experimented with a sleek bob, showing off razor-sharp ends and a slightly angled cut. After seemingly growing it out a bit in the spring and summer months, she’s now gone full ’90s blunt bob. And instead of adding trendy, flipped-in ends, she kept things short, sleek, and pin-straight, giving a fresh take on this total throwback look.

Here’s Bell with her first razor-sharp bob back in March, when she joked in her caption, “Your mom got a hair cut and she is FEELING IT.”

She tagged her stylist, Jenny Cho, who has given countless celebs bobs, including Reese Witherspoon and Emilia Clarke.

Then she went back to her roots for spring and summer, growing it out a bit for a textured, wavy lob.

And here she is, joining the bob brigade once again, thanks to stylist Adir Abergel, who gave her the sleek, edgy bob of our ’90s girl dreams.

“90’s and blunt on @kristenanniebell,” Abergel captioned the shot.

As all your favorite celebs have demonstrated lately, there’s no shortage of ways to rock a bob these days. And we love that the Good Place star is making these vintage vibes feel super modern because while your Walkman and VHS player may no longer work, she’s proof positive that ’90s hair will forever be in style.

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