Kristen Bell is proud of this unexpected, “freshly plucked” part of her legs

We’re all about body-positivity here at HelloGiggles. Our bottom line is that if you have a body, you should be proud of it! The term “body-positive” may get thrown around a lot nowadays, but the intention itself is noble. Celebrating any and all bodies is a mission that we dedicate ourselves to, and one we love seeing celebrities dedicate themselves too as well. After all, we all have bodies and we’re all human. Although celebrities like Kristen Bell may seem like a different species, they’re just like us!

That’s exactly why we love Kristen Bell’s Instagram post about her “freshly plucked” skin.

To put it simply: Kristen’s humor and honesty have always been (and continue to be) guiding lights for us.

In the photo, we see blue jeans with ripped knees. At first, we’re not really sure what we’re looking at! Knees?? Fraying hems?? A cool pair of blue jeans??

Besides that weird fact that we know the texture she’s talking about, we see that she’s also talking about her knees. Although body-positivity is usually tied to something a little bit more noticeable than what your knees look like, bo-po supports all parts of your body, and that means your knees, too.

Whether Kristen’s cold or just shaved, it doesn’t matter! We love that she’s open enough to be proud of her skin, even if it’s on her knees. Weird? Totally. Totally Kristen Bell? Definitely.

And a reminder that if your knees also look like Kristen’s, it’s totally cool and totally natural.

Another day, another time for Kristen to inspire us!

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