Kristen Bell posted the most romantic of messages to Dax Shepard to commemorate her birthday

Typically when it’s your wife’s birthday, you’re the one who’s dishing out the compliments. But since they’re not the typical couple, Kristen Bell got romantic with Dax Shepard through Twitter on her own birthday. And what she said was pretty incredible. (Seriously, we might pocket this response for our own relationships!)

Bell just turned the big 3-7, and last year during this time, Shepard decided to wish her a happy one by wishing her a happy “thirty sex.” And not skipping a beat, Bell had the best response in return, proving that she’s not too afraid to get a little — ahem  — personal on social media.

This year, Shepard’s birthday wishes were similarly sweet. But this time, he referenced Game of Thrones, which just so happens to be their ultimate favorite show.

Bell’s response? Perfection.

Just when we thought we couldn’t love the two of them more. Really — we’ve got no doubt about the crazy amount of love these two have for each other.

Of course, her lovely response did drum up a healthy debate about planets. Never forget.

Just this March, Bell revealed what Shepard’s “sexiest moment” was, and it actually happened on the set of their latest movie CHiPS. In an interview with AOL, Bell said that her husband made sure to remind the entire cast and crew to have fun on a weekly basis. That just made her melt.

But, it doesn’t take much. Bell revealed that while on set, a lot of PDA went down.

"We're always kissing no matter where we are," she said with a laugh. "PDA is going to happen, special treatment is going to happen and everyone is just going to have to get hip to it, you know what I mean?"

We have a feeling there will be many, many more romantic social media interactions between the two of them in the near future.