Kristen Bell gives Dax Shepard (and ‘Parenthood’ superfans) the best gift ever

We doubt that anyone has ever questioned that Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are, in fact, one of Hollywood’s most adorable couples, but just in case anyone isn’t sure about the level of their perfection, here’s some more proof: Bell had a new wall decor put up in the couple’s home, and it’s the best, most thoughtful Parenthood tribute ever. But first,

A huge “Luncheonette” sign hangs on a wall directly over a chalkboard (which adorably has room for a to-do list for both Bell and Shepard), and it’s perfect. If you’re a Parenthood fan, we don’t need to tell you that the Luncheonette was the name of the recording studio run by Shepard’s character, Crosby Braverman, and his brother Adam. Since the show ended its six-season-run in back in January, Shepard must be especially stoked about the sign and its special meaning. He also seems pretty stoked about his wife’s commitment to being incredibly thoughtful and sweet. In fact, he posted his gratitude for her on Twitter:

Bell’s response?  

Shepard isn’t the only Parenthood cast member affected by Bell’s awesome gift. Mae Whitman, who played Amber Holt, also Tweeted her feelings about the sign:

This isn’t the first time the Bell/Shepards have exchanged fantastic gifts. In 2012, Shepard arranged for a sloth to come to his wife’s birthday party, because she was absolutely obsessed with sloths. Like, beyond obsessed. And the video Shepard took of Bell finding out a sloth was in her house was the single best footage we’ve ever seen in the history of footage. That is all.

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