Kristen Bell will inspire you to save the world in this music video for Netflix’s “Chasing Coral”

When we found out that the lovable Kristen Bell is going to bless us with her gorgeous voice in a new Netflix documentary called Chasing Coral, we lost it just a little bit.Because Princess Anna will be singing another heartbreaking melody about the weather. This time, though, instead of singing about snow, she’s singing about climate change and our dying coral reefs.

Fortunately, Bell didn’t make us wait too long to hear the soon-to-be most popular song ever about coral — because the music video is already here. (Bell, we appreciate you making us wait just a week. That, we can handle.)

Let’s just say you should grab a box of tissues before listening to “Tell Me How Long.” We say that because, while listening, you can’t bear to picture poor little Nemo without a home. This is compounded by the fact that the ballad is super sad, yet beautiful, with strings and Bell’s emotive, sweet voice. Fair warning: You’re going to get pretty emotional, but hopefully Bell can inspire all of us to do a little bit better with our carbon footprints.

Prepare yourselves before you click play.

“Tell Me How Long” is written by certified hit-makers Dan Romer (Ingrid Michelson, A Great Big World) and Teddy Gieger (James Blunt, Shawn Mendes). Kristen Bell hopped on the project without a hitch because she’s always found the subject matter of Chasing Coral extremely important.

“I was moved and inspired by Chasing Coral and its message of hope for our planet’s future, she said in a statement. “I feel a responsibility to care for the Earth in whatever way I can and I was honored to lend my voice to the original song. As we strive to make a better world for our children, I hope this film will ignite real action in advancing climate solutions in our global communities.

Chasing Coral is streaming on Netflix and playing in select theaters.

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