Kristen Bell’s middle-part bob is the perfect November haircut

Once fall hits, most of us are left craving something. Sometimes that something is apple cider, sometimes it’s a cup of coffee, sometimes it’s simply change. The case of the latter feels especially appropriate as we continue to move toward the end of the year. All of the sudden, we feel stuck, like we need something big to happen. That’s when we get a haircut! And why not let Kristen Bell’s middle-part bob inspire your next chop? The slightly-above-shoulder-length is perfect if you’re scared of going too short. Plus, thanks to the subtle layer of the style, you’ll still have hair with shape and volume.

Kristen’s blonde locks feature a blunt length with some dimension cut in for texture and lift. We love the idea of going shorter with our hair in the colder months; a little bit unexpected and just the right change to get us feeling in the mood. Though a side-part bob would look just as killer as this version, we are partial to the unexpected nature of the middle part.

If you have straight hair, to achieve this look, you can try using a curling iron for some loose waves. Or, you can invest in a trusty sea salt spray for some natural-looking texture.


If you have curls, you can still rock this cut too. Ask for some extra layers for volume, and use a curling cream or mouse to get those locks in shape.

See this style in action (complete with Frozen tunes!):

Pair this haircut with coral lipstick a little black dress, and you’ll be feeling like a new person (and Kristen Bell) in no time.

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