Kristen Bell just had the best “Frozen”-related reunion on Insta

Looks like someone is gearing up for Frozen 2. Kristen Bell lip-synced a Frozen song on Instagram, and while that in itself is something to celebrate, she had somebody by her side to help her out a little. That’s right — the Elsa to her Anna, Idina Menzel.

Despite having to dress up like Elsa for a few Halloween parties with her daughters this year, Bell provided the voice of Princess Anna in Disney’s 2013 hit Frozen. Those who have seen the film are pretty familiar with the soundtrack, so it just makes sense that Bell happened to know all the lyrics off-hand to “Let It Go,” which was prominently featured in the film.

Bell mouthed along to some of the lyrics, lip-synching to the words of “The wind is howling like this swirling storm inside / Couldn’t keep it in / Heaven knows I’ve tried” before Menzel enters the frame to help out.

Aside from the caption, which reads “SISTERS. (I ❤️ u @idinamenzel),” one of our favorite parts of the fun video clip is the fact that Bell, like all of us, seems so excited to see Menzel right behind her.  It should come as no surprise, but the two — who have reunited a few times over the years to sing along to Frozen songs — are pretty close off-set.

Bell’s fans were quick to share their appreciation of the video. Obviously, they’re just as excited about the upcoming sequel as we are.


Unfortunately, we still have to wait a little bit longer to see Elsa and Anna back on screen for the second full-length film.

 The movie is currently set to come out November 27th, 2019. We hope these two will surprise us with a few more sing-alongs while we wait.

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