Kristen Bell interviews her husband Dax Shepard and all his answers will melt your heart

Cute couple alert! In a strange turn of events, Kristen Bell interviewed Dax Shepard about his new movie and he couldn’t stop gushing about her. Okay, Shepard always swoons over his wife, but she doesn’t usually interview him.

Ahead of Shepard’s new film, CHIPS, which he wrote and directed, he had one very special reporter to deal with on the press tour. While the 42-year-old actor is used to talking to the press, having his wife ask the questions was definitely new.

For a fun twist, Bell took on the role of reporter as Entertainment Tonight’s special celebrity correspondent. The 36-year-old actress is the actor’s wife in real life, but she plays his ex in the film.

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Talk about the perfect person to grill him on camera!


From the beginning, the Veronica Mars actress was witty and poked fun at her hubby. “Remind me of your name again?” she asked before moving onto her first question. “Mike Shepard, stage name Dax Shepard,” the actor replied.

“And you’re Christian Bale?” he asked, to which Bell agreed.

Warning: this interview will make you love this couple even more than you already do.

The main line of questioning from Bell had to do with why she wasn’t originally cast in the role of Jon Baker’s (Shepard’s character) ex-wife. Shepard’s reasoning for not automatically casting her, is well, adorable.

"You are on a cellular level likable. It's nauseating in fact. It's hard to stand next to you," Shepard told her. "And this role that you took on is a terrible, unlikeable jerk of a woman. And I obviously did not think of you for that."

Despite Shepard’s feelings about his wife, she did take the role, because she wanted it.

“And then you read it and you said, ‘I will be playing this role.’ And I said, ‘You are the boss.’” he explained.

Bell took it a step further asking what the worst or, possibly the best, part of directing her was. Again, her husband passed with flying colors.

“There is no worst part about directing you,” the Parenthood alum revealed. “The best part about directing you is that you’re perfect on take one every time.”

Aww, aren’t they just the cutest?

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