Kristen Bell had such an important response to a tweet about immigration

Anti-immigration sentiment is frighteningly prevalent in today’s culture. Whether it takes the form of Islamophobic attacks and threatening “bans” on Muslims, a presidential candidate’s remarks that Mexican immigrants are “rapists,” the stigmatization and discrimination of undocumented peoples, etc. — now, more than ever, we all must be vocal about protecting the rights of immigrants.

Yesterday, Jeb Bush — brother of George W., former Florida governor, and former Presidential campaign runner — retweeted this message from New American Economy.

New American Economy, a bipartisan organization, recognizes the work and eeconomic power of documented and undocumented immigrants, and advocates for immigration reform. Jeb Bush included comprehensive immigration reform in his platform while running his campaign (more so than other Republican candidates) — but as many young undocumented activists protested, it wasn’t comprehensive enough.

Kristen Bell then retweeted Bush, but not without including an important message of her own.


Well, all of us who aren’t of indigenous descent. The racist folks that Kristen Bell perfectly calls out have a very selective memory — forgetting that indigenous Native Americans and Mexicans were all here first. So all of those anti-immigrant folks are actually immigrants themselves.

While Kristen Bell is absolutely not the first person to voice this important argument — as immigration and anti-racist activists have expressed that mentality for basically forever — it is so powerful for pop culture figures with huge platforms to speak out, especially in this climate.

Eva Longoria, a Mexican-American actor, recently took to the DNC stage to remind everyone that “We didn’t cross the border, the border crossed us.”

Let’s take a note from these women and remember how necessary it is to speak up.