Kristen Bell has an important parenting question

Kristen Bell isn’t afraid of asking the hard parenting questions. And she doesn’t shy away from showing her life as a mom on social media. So when Kristen Bell took to Instagram to ask about presents from her kids, we had to LOL. We love how open and honest she is about motherhood, her mental health, and how everything isn’t always perfect when it comes to raising kids.

The actress and the mother of two recently received a hand-made present from her kids. And like many parents, she had absolutely no idea what to do with it. So she took to the internet to ask what other parents have done.

Kristen Bell calls it like it is.

"Serious question: what are you supposed to do with all the beautiful garbage that your kids give you?#momlife"

Her fans gave her a variety of advice. On Instagram, some fans suggested re-purposing the items to make them more practical. Some said to take a picture of it, then secretly throw it away. Others said to hold onto only the important ones, and then chuck the other ones. And some said they kept everything in storage! It definitely sounds like it’s a challenging question.

You love your kids, and you love that they thought of you to make a present. But keeping everything seems fairly daunting if you don’t have the space to keep it. We think Kristen would agree that the best answer is to just go with the flow!

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