Kristen Bell Gave Some Hints About the Modern Twists in the ‘Gossip Girl’ Reboot

There is also apparently a *big* twist at the end of the season.

On July 13th, Kristen Bell spoke to Allure about her skincare routine and her brand new line of CBD-centric moisturizers called Happy Dance. And although she didn’t spill much tea about the Gossip Girl reboot, currently streaming on HBO Max, Bell did hint at how the series will continue to explore more modern themes in comparison to the original CW series, which aired from 2007 to 2012.

“The reboot explores a little bit more of not just the anonymity behind the voice of the internet, but how seriously we take it, and how who’s handling the voice can perhaps change or the voices that you’re listening to can change,” Bell, who narrates the Gossip Girl anonymous blog on both the original and the sequel, told Allure. “It’s very introspective about how social media and those anonymous voices affect us in our daily lives and how it can change our behavior.”

She continued, It has adapted to modern-day social media—and there is a twist at the end of season one that is pretty epic.

When the original Gossip Girl series premiered, social media was still in its early days and didn’t factor much into the plot. But now, with social media so intertwined with our personal lives, there’s so much more room for scandal, lies, and catfishing on multiple different levels.

According to Bell, the exploration of how social media can alter the way we act and think is something that Gossip Girl 2.0 isn’t going to shy away from.

And that twist at the end of the first season? We already know it’s going to be juicy AF.

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