Kristen Bell finally shared a wedding photo with Dax Shepard, and they’re as perfect as we thought

After Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard wed in October 2013 in a super low-key ceremony, he jokingly referred to it as the “World’s Worst Wedding.” Sure, the simple Beverly Hills courthouse wedding cost the couple less than $200, but could it have really been that bad? Well, of course not! Thanks to Bell sharing photos of their wedding day during an appearance on CBS’s Sunday Morning earlier this week, we finally have the visual proof that the adorable couple’s big day was basically perfect. *squeals*

In one photo, Bell is dressed in a black blouse and pants accented with a statement necklace, but not even a blindingly gorgeous accessory could distract us from the expression on her face as she stares up at her husband with total adoration. Seriously, you can feel the love emanating from the pic as the two exchange vows.

Check out the pics at the 5:30 mark:

Although Bell recently admitted that her marriage isn’t perfect (thanks for keeping it real, girl), these wedding pics certainly are! After listening to the Bad Moms actress completely gush over Shepard being a “wonderful father” and praise him for maintaining his sobriety, the couple remains a shining example of what it means to be #relationshipgoals.