Kristen Bell is crashing Disney Channel’s girl power episode

Who better to preach girl power than Disney’s own it-girl, Kristen Bell? She’s taking a break from stealing hearts as the voice of Anna in Disney’s 2013 sensation Frozen, and coming for our TV screens as a guest star in a girl-power episode of Disney’s popular comedy Liv and Maddie.

If you’re not familiar with Liv and Maddie, the show tells the story of two twins, both played by Dove Cameron, as they handle high school together for the first time. Maddie Rooney is the straight-A star of the school basketball team, while Liv Rooney just finished up filming a popular TV show, returning to their hometown a celebrity.

In the show’s third season, Liv starts a whole new TV show. However, now that she’s older, she starts noticing some problems in the industry.

In the episode in question, titled “Ask Her More-a-Rooney,” Kristen Bell plays herself, teaming up with Liv to handle an issue that is all-too-familiar for female celebrities. While on the red carpet, Liv notices that she only gets asked about her looks, while her male co-stars are asked about their work. She and Bell decide to put a stop to this kind of sexism, and prove that they are worth more than just their clothes and make-up.

Kristen has already proved herself to be a great role model for young girls, and so we’re sure that she’ll shine just as brightly in this episode as she does in all of her other work. Maybe she and Liv will team up and start their own TV show? We’ll have to watch the show, which airs on Sundays on the Disney Channel, to find out!

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