Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard’s Fourth of July onesies continue to prove that this couple is #goals

We can all attest to finding interest in how others spend their holidays. And thanks to social media, we can now get a first-hand account of how other celebs are spending their Fourth of July. Some are performing at festivals across the country, while others are opting for a low-key summer day with their families. Our favorite funny couple Kristen Stewart and Dax Shepard chose the latter and showed off their patriotic style in complementary Fourth of July onesies.

We’re so used to the Hollywood pair cleaning up nice for red carpet events. But when it comes to playing, they know how to get fashionably down and dirty too. “Comfortably chic” is what we’d call their holiday style.

Kristen Bell took to her Instagram to share an adorable pic of she and her hubby turning up the summer heat in their matching attire. And now we’re so wishing we would’ve followed suit, too.

Leave it to the Bell and Shepard clan to give us some killer fashion inspo in matching onsesies…

Talk about having a case of FOMO…Yeah, we’re totally feeling a bit left out right now. We clearly missed the memo that Fourth of July themed jammies was the way to go.

In all seriousness, how cute do the married couple look?

We’re totally looking forward to seeing what other celebs opted to rock around the grill this holiday season, too. After all, keeping things relaxed and loose-fitting seems to be the right idea. How else are we supposed to hide our food babies?

Thanks to Dax and Kristen, we know what looks we’ll be channeling with hot dogs and bottomless desserts on the menu.