Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard’s feud is no longer just about a chair

Everyone’s favorite celebrity couple of 2017 has to be Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard. Not only are they constantly making us laugh during their interviews, their social media accounts are chock full of funny. Recently, the couple has been playfully spatting over a certain living room chair. But in a last minute twist Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard’s feud is no longer just about a chair.

It all started with Dax bringing home a recliner he seems to really love. While he originally felt it belonged in the couples living room, Kristen quickly put her two cents in. Their hilarious exchange was made public on Instagram:

All things considered, this is a pretty typical and relateable spat between couples. While we can understand why Dax wants the chair at their home, Kristen is wise enough to see that it doesn’t go with the aesthetic.

The “fight” continued online for a little longer.

You’d think that Kristen would just throw the darn thing out, but it looks like she was nice enough to let Dax keep the chair for a little while.

How on earth Dax Shepard can justify placing the chair IN FRONT OF THE COUCH is beyond us.

But the feud is no longer just about a chair!

The following is purely speculative, but we think that Kristen NOT throwing the chair out has given Dax some ideas. Not only does he now own a luxurious space-taking Laz-y-boy, he also decided to purchase a tricycle.

And guess what lovable, blond, show-stopper of a performer, had no idea this was happening. You guessed it! Kristen Bell.

Luckily we all know that Dax and Kristen are #relationshipgoals for life. These little playful squabbles are nothing more than proof that this couple is having fun together. Keep your eyes peeled if you are in their neighborhood, because we have a feeling a certain chair might end up curbside…