Kristen Bell Hilariously Revealed How She and Dax Shepard Make the Most of Therapy

"We go to therapy separately, kinda so that we could talk shit about each other."

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard may be one of Hollywood’s most beloved happy couples, but it’s because they work at it, like, a lot. Though they’ve been married for nearly a decade, they’ve experienced their fair share of ups and downs, most notably when dealing with Shepard’s substance abuse problems. However, Bell told Chelsea Handler, who was sitting in for Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen DeGeneres show on the June 29th episode, that she and Shepard take full advantage of their therapy sessions to air out all their grievances.

“[The therapist] suggested we go to therapy separately, kinda so that we could talk shit about each other. … And we did, and it’s been great,” she said, continuing, “What we’ve been doing the last couple months is, every two weeks or so, I’ll see [the therapist] via Zoom and complain about Dax, and then he’ll give me all the reasons why I’m wrong, and then Dax will do the same.”

It’s called balance, folks. Everyone’s entitled to complaining about the things that bug them and by doing so, they can grow together as a couple.

Bell said that she and Shepard had an especially hard time at the beginning of the pandemic when they were cooped up at home with their daughters, Lincoln and Delta. “We were at each other’s throats, and then all the doors locked in our house, like we had to stay inside, and we were like, ‘Woof, we need to get a handle on the annoyances,'” she shared.

Fortunately, therapy has been an outlet for them that seems to be alleviating tension. By spending time with their therapist separately, they can work through problems that would have manifested at home. And despite what people may think, Bell and Shepard *are* quite happy together, they’re just more open than some couples about their struggles. Bell even told a fan back in February—who rudely said that it seemed like they didn’t actually like each other—that they actually adore each other.

“You cant always be in control, or right, and its important to us that we lead with the honesty of your ‘perfect match’ being a myth,” she wrote, according to E! News.

We could all learn a little something from how open and honest Bell and Shepard are with each other and with their peers. Sometimes relationships are really hard, but putting in the work—and going to therapy—can get you through the tough times.

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