This photo of Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard is making us smile (we could sure use it)

Once upon a time, a man and woman met at a birthday dinner in 2007. Their initial meeting did not include “love at first sight” because the man was suspicious of the woman and her friends’ happy-go-lucky personalities. Two weeks after meeting each other, they ran into one another again and magic did happened. The rest is history. Fast forward to 2016 and this photo of Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard is making us smile!

Dax Shepard took to Instagram to post a throwback photo of him and Kristen Bell. But this photo is not just your ordinary #tbt photo! It was captured when they starred in the film Hit and Run. I mean, these two have always been couple #goals, but how cute is this!

Hit and Run follows Charlie Bronson (played by Shepard), who was once a getaway driver. So he can help his girlfriend (played by Bell) go after her dream job, he ends up breaking out of the Witness Protection Program. This, of course, leads to nothing but trouble as the two later have to run from the criminals Charlie used to work with, along with law enforcement. Interestingly enough, this plot was kind of inspired by Kristen and Dax’s own relationship.

"The first year or so we were dating, we wrestled a lot with, you know, my past," said Shepard, who also wrote and directed the movie.

"Uncovering details of his sordid lifestyle," Bell added.

"The movie became a metaphor for that, for a couple dealing with people's past," Shepard explained. "So we put that in a car-chase movie."

Now, we can see why Dax Shepard considered Kristen Bell to be his ride or die!

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