Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard’s kids walked in on them having sex, and this is how they handled it

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are one of our favorite celebrity couples. But even though they’re so cute and funny and perfect, they’ve had some pretty awkward moments as parents. Including every parent’s (and kid’s!) worst nightmare: Bell and Shepard’s kids walked in on them having sex. Whoops.

The Bad Moms Christmas actress told the story during her appearance on The Talk on Friday. When asked what the most awkward thing their kids have walked in on her and Shepard doing, she didn’t hesitate. “Oh, they’ve walked in on us having sex,” Bell said. When everyone gasped, she pressed on. “It’s how they were made! It’s ok, it’s ok, everyone, it’s how they were made. We didn’t like, continue.”

Well that’s good. Bell and Shepard have two daughters. Lincoln is four and a half, and little Delta is two. As Bell tells it, they were copulating when the girls walked in. But Bell and Shepard were cool as cucumbers. They were able to deflect pretty easily since their daughters are still so young. They played it off by saying that they were just going to have a quick nap for a few minutes. Which is pretty smooth, actually. Hopefully, her kids won’t have any longterm scarring memories.

Watch Bell tell the full story below.

Despite the movie titles, it seems like Bell is the opposite of a “bad mom.” Unlike her movie counterpart, she probably has not gotten drunk and neglected her children. But she has done plenty of embarrassing things.

Bell recently told a story on The Ellen Show about the joys of breastfeeding. She first read lines for Bad Moms over Skype, since she was home in Los Angeles with her children. Of course, duty called, and she tried to discreetly pump during the Skype call with the cast.

Spoiler: It didn’t work.

Everyone heard the loud noise of the pump, blowing her cover. But she didn’t seem to mind.

“I’m sorry. When you gotta do it, you gotta do it," Bell said, according to EW. "I didn’t know I was on a movie projector! I would have loved a heads-up."

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