Kristen Bell said Dax Shepard had the “best response” when their daughter used the “f-word”

Kristen Bell‘s kids have been saying swear words, and unfortunately, they didn’t pick them up from her Good Place character. (Fork!) During a March 9th interview on Strahan, Sara & Keke, Bell said her husband Dax Shepard had the “best response” to their kids using the f-word. And his solution could mean they don’t have to deal with this again for a while.

Bell explained that she and Shepard have tended to ignore it if they hear their two daughters swear, figuring it’s best to avoid a big reaction. For example, one of the kids said “oh shit” when she slipped into the toilet once and Bell had to hold back her laughter. “She’d heard us say it,” Bell said. “We don’t edit ourselves very well.”

But, more recently, their younger daughter, Delta, who is 5, came home and said she heard her friends saying the f-word. To which their 6-year-old daughter, Lincoln, responded, “You never told me fuck was a bad word.”

That’s where Shepard’s great response came in.

“Dax has, yet again, the best response,” Bell told Sara Haines.

“He said, ‘Listen, you’re a kid. There are a lot of things you can’t do until you’re an adult. One of them is drive my car. One of them is drink alcohol. Vote. And say swear words.’” As Bell added, “It’s as simple as that.” Hey, it might not work once they’re nearing their teenage years, but they’ve probably bought themselves a few years.

This isn’t the first time Bell and Shepard have been in this sort of situation. Back in December, Bell posted a video on her Instagram Story in which you can hear Shepard talking to one of their daughters about a boy at school using the middle finger, and the daughter repeatedly saying it means “fuck”. Bell captioned one of her posts, “I[‘m] fidgeting because I am trying too hard not to laugh. It’s excruciating. @daxshepard, u handled this brilliantly.”

Staying calm while their kid repeatedly swears and praising each other on their responses? Yeah, they’ve got this parenting thing down.

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