Watch Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard’s Daughter Hilariously Interrupt Their Live TV Interview

Celebrities are truly just like us.

Even celebrity parents get interrupted by their kids while working from home. In a recent take from their virtual interview with Today‘s Al Roker, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are seen fielding a knock on the door from their daughter midway through answering a question. Roker does his best to stifle a laugh, but watching Shepard and Bell go straight into mom and dad mode assuring their daughter that her doll will have a birthday cake is kind of funny—but also very heartwarming. 

“That’s a child at the door,” Bell says, talking over Shepard, who then chimes in, “a child at the door even though they know they can’t come up here right now.” Both parents quickly scurry off camera to answer the knock. 

The mom of two jumps back in front of the camera and goes, “I said, ‘We’re on TV right now, We’re on the news.'” Then Bell mimics her daughter’s sad puppy eyes and in a quiet, soft voice tells Roker: “and she [their daughter] said, ‘okay.'”

The couple go on to speculate what their daughter—they didn’t say if it was Lincoln or Delta—could have been so keen on asking for since she knew mommy and daddy were working. 

“This, I’m sure, is about the doll’s birthday,” Bell said as she got resettled in her interview chair. “We found out yesterday that it’s her doll’s birthday, and now we have to order a cake. She’s taking it very seriously.” Shepard nods along, meanwhile Roker is facing them on a computer screen just grinning. 

Kids, we gotta love them! Also, Dax and Kristen, we’re dying to know, what kind of cake did you end up getting?

Emily Weaver
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