It’s Kristen Bell’s birthday, and she celebrated by helping bail an immigrant mom out of detention

Leave it to actress and activist Kristen Bell to celebrate her birthday by helping someone else. On July 18th, Bell donated enough money to help bail an immigrant mother out of the U.S. detention center where she is currently being held — proving that there really is something we can do as individuals to help ease the pain and strain of Trump’s zero-tolerance immigration policy.

Bell contributed to a GoFundMe campaign to bail out a woman named Delmi, a mom of one who is being held at a detention facility in Eloy, Arizona. The campaign was launched by a group called Immigrant Families Together that is currently helping 12 families reunify.

HelloGiggles recently talked to New York-based writer Julie Schwietert-Collazo who, with her husband Francisco Collazo and a huge community of moms, activists, and others around the country, started Immigrant Families Together in late June and has been working tirelessly since then to reunite immigrant parents with their children using crowdfunding campaigns.

On July 13th, Schwietert-Collazo set up a GoFundMe page to raise $30,000 for Delmi’s bond. Earlier today, more than $4,200 was still needed to reach the $30,000 goal.

But as Bell explained in an Instagram video, she wanted to do something meaningful to celebrate her birthday, so she donated the remaining funds needed to pay for Delmi’s bond.

Schwietert-Collazo shared her gratitude for Bell’s contribution in a Facebook post.

"So... it's actor Kristen Bell's birthday today, and while I'm pop culture deficient (we don't own a TV), I know who she is. She decided to give a generous gift for her birthday, and she closed the gap for Delmi's bond. That means we can bond Delmi out!"

Bell got the “peaceful feeling” she wanted for her birthday by contributing to Immigrant Families Together, and you can achieve the same. More mothers and immigrant families need financial support to be reunited with their loved ones, and Immigrant Families Together is currently working on six other cases where immediate funding is needed.

If you head over to the Immigrant Families Together GoFundMe page, you can read more about each case (such as #TeamHillaryTwins and #TeamAna) and how much money is needed for reunification. Any sum of money is appreciated, and by working together, we can reunite the families that have been torn apart in recent months.

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