Kristen Bell has the best self-care tips for us, and boy, could we use them

So we have no days left with the Obamas and a lot of us are having the feels. We don’t know what the future with the upcoming administration may bring, and a lot people are super nervous. Many of us will be spending our free time fighting and resisting racism, sexism, xenophobia, you name it. But regardless, we have to move into the future, whatever it holds, so we really need to make sure we take care of ourselves during the process. We won’t make it without some self-care.

The Good Place darling Kristen Bell knows a thing or two about self-care. She juggles a TV show, films, and her adorable family, and still makes time for herself! Bell understands the importance of self-care and was kind enough to share some tips with Shine Text, the daily text service that helps you conquer life.

Below are her tips courtesy of Shine Text!

1 If you are low on self-esteem, find an estimable act.


Giving yourself to others takes the focus off yourself and allows for immediate perspective, which inadvertently boosts your feelings of gratitude and worth. Helping others truly is helping yourself. We’re all way too hard on ourselves about how we’re doing.

2  Forgive yourself. 


Be a Disney Princess and LET IT GO. That song became a sensation, because the message is universally powerful, defying gender and age. The kindness and acceptance that we bestow on others, should also be turned inward on ourselves. The most effective way to move forward and experience growth is through self-pardon.


3 Re-evaluate your current measure of stress. 


Cher once told me, “If it doesn’t matter in 5 years, it doesn’t matter.” I think about this often and find myself consistently applying the rule. If I’m feeling caught up in routine annoyances, I start to consider what I will be thinking about on my deathbed and my entire perspective shifts. It allows me to focus on what is, ultimately, worth remembering.

4 Lean on people. 


Don’t let your ego prevent you from obtaining support from others. There is a mightiness that comes with asking for help, being vulnerable and not going at it alone.

5 Order pizza.


Sometimes, you just need to order pizza.


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