Here are Kristen Bell’s best jokes from the SAG Awards, because we all need a laugh right now

For the first time in its 24 year history, the Screen Actors Guild Awards decided it needed a host. And when you have to get someone to be your inaugural host, the hosts that all other hosts will look to for guidance and support in the future, you get someone you know can get the job done. Like Kristen Bell.

Because yes, now and forever more, Kristen Bell will be known as the first – and maybe, the best? — host of the SAG Awards. Taking to the stage at the The Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles Sunday night, the emcee started the night off rolling, and was quick to remind everyone that she was first. The first host ever. Ahem, the first lady ever to host, and with this platform, she’s going to do something about it. Like, stop Veep’s Tony Hale from cyberbullying her online. Wow, we’d love to see that DM exchange, where Veronica Mars goes toe-to-toe with Buster Bluth.

Also…did she…did she just drag First Lady Melania Trump about the fact that her cyberbullying campaign seems to be DOA? Bell sure did. From there, things only got better. Here’s just a small sampling of Bell’s best quips during the show:

1. “I am thrilled to see the cast of GLOWGLOW, for those of you unfamiliar, is about tour de force, powerful, strong, thoughtful ladies who get roped into doing Marc Maron’s podcast.”

2. “Elisabeth Moss is here from the documentary, The Handmaid’s Tale.”

3. “And most importantly, regardless of our differences, I think we can all come together and delight in one thing: Frozen 2 is coming out in theaters in 2019, you guys. I’m really excited. ”

4. Maya Rudolph: “I love your show about living in hell. What is it called?”
Kristen: “2018!”

5. “This is a room full of actors; no one is paying attention to me. They’re just waiting for their name to be called! I could say anything! Fire pit! Hangnail! Steve Carell. See?”

More to come…

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