This is the #1 beauty product Kristen Bell can’t live without

Now that the adorable and insanely talented star of The Good Place and Frozen, Kristen Bell, has firmly cemented herself as America’s Sweetheart, we’re dying to know all her secrets. Recently, Kristen Bell shared a picture of her wedding day and she looked positively radiant, leaving us specifically wondering about what her must-have beauty product could possibly be.

It turns out that while Kristen is absolutely devoted to her Clarisonic, as so many of us are, her #1 beauty product is one that we all love: coconut oil. During a This Bar Saves Lives event, Kristen tells HelloGiggles,

"I sometimes take my makeup off with it, my eye makeup mostly. But I use it as an all-over body moisturizer. Just like food-grade coconut routine is pretty minimal."

We love finding out that a celeb has a low-maintenance routine that we can relate to. Not only is coconut oil super affordable, but beauty lovers have been extolling its virtues for years now. It’s full of good-for-your-skin nutrients and makes your skin feel luxuriously soft. It’s a great multi-tasking product.

Kristen mentioned that one of the reasons she has a chill beauty routine is because she has extremely sensitive skin. It’s also why she loves her Clarisonic. She explains to HelloGiggles,

"I have really sensitive skin. Harsher things like peels or even at-home exfoliators don't really work for me."

We feel you, girl!

Sometimes, less really is more, especially if your skin is a bit finicky or on the sensitive side. That said, while coconut oil is definitely her favorite, it’s not the only moisturizer that Kristen relies on.

She tells us, “I also really, really like the Hydro Boost that Neutrogena has. It’s the one in the blue container and it’s got lactic acid and hyaluronic acid in it, which are the ones that, like, plump you. Hyaluronic acid is apparently what actually plumps your skin from the inside out. I have such moisture issues. I’ve always used cold creams because I can’t use any twenty-something products. It doesn’t work.”

Those of us with sensitive skin can definitely agree with that assessment. And the Neutrogena Hydro Boost really is the perfect product for dry, sensitive skin. Kristen knows what’s up!

Kristen’s routine is delightfully accessible and is incredibly nourishing. No wonder she always looks like she’s lit from the inside out.

Are you a coconut oil devotee like Kristen? It has so many wonderful uses, from head to toe.

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