If You Aren’t Sure If You Should Get Bangs, Let Kristen Bell’s New Haircut Convince You

Okay, but how cute is this new style?

Some people’s faces are just made for bangs. Take Kristen Bell, for instance. The Good Place star just debuted some new choppy bangs on Instagram over the weekend, and they frame her face oh so perfectly. In the ultra-closeup shot, Bell shows off the new bangs in all their glory—plus some trendy gold-wire glasses.

But the bangs!

Bell’s fresh hairdo is a subtle change to her usual short blonde hair—which she pretty much kept intact other than adding in the bangs. The star has largely been sticking with a short bob in recent years, and she kept that here so it wasn’t too drastic of an adjustment to her look.

What we love about Bell’s new hair reveal is that she completely ignored it. Leave it to her to just drop a selfie and not even acknowledge that she cut bangs! Do you know how big of a decision it is to cut bangs?! (You probably do; it’s no secret.)

Instead, Bell chose to be her usual inspirational self in her Instagram caption and say absolutely nothing about her hair at all. She wrote, “Goodmorning beautiful soul.You are wonderful.Whether today is breeze, or heavy and rough, I’m rooting for you.You’re the only you we’ve got, and you are enough. It’s ridiculous how enough you are.”

She did, then, show off her new hair in motion in an Instagram Story last night. Though once again, she didn’t acknowledge the new hair—she simply showed it off from more angles so we could get the full effect. Oh, she wrote “Hi.” on the video. That’s all. Thanks for the details on the hair, Kristen.

Kristen Bell

Sigh, so it looks like we need to get bangs now too, because this truly convinced us that maybe bangs *are* a good idea. Everyone’s doing it—Olivia Rodrigo, Elizabeth Olsen, and now apparently us. BRB, calling the salon!

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