Krispy Kreme just introduced Nutella-stuffed donuts, and now heaven *really* is a place on Earth

Krispy Kreme’s newest donut creation is an original glazed stuffed with Nutella. Yes, this decadent donut has Nutella hazelnut spread oozing through its core. If you’re already starting the car and navigating to a Krispy Kreme, hold up: the only place you can get these new Nutella donuts is in the Dominican Republic. Bad news for everyone who doesn’t live there, great news for Dominicans. Doesn’t it feel like fast food in the countries you don’t live in always seem better? Like, when can we taste the Butterfly Pea Flower Lemonade Cold Brew only sold at Starbucks in Southeast Asia? And why is McDonald’s three-course Mother’s Day meal only available in England?

Like, so not fair.

Krispy Kreme announced the new addition less than a week ago on social media (they called it “the richest temptation”), and until the U.S. decides to offer this on domestic menus, we’ll sadly have to fill that Nutella donut-shaped hole in our hearts by scrolling through Instagram.

And to make you feel worse about this Nutella donut diss, the big Krispy Kreme announcement stateside is that we’ll get green donuts on St. Patrick’s Day. Green. Not Nutella. Green.

Naturally, the internet is upset.

Others were simply confused.

A year ago Krispy Kreme had something called The Nutty Cocoa Ring, which was Nutella-inspired and featured a chocolate glaze made with Nutella, so not at all the same thing as an original glazed donut pumped full of Nutella.

Yes, this is a donut injustice but also (*whispers*) can’t you just dunk a glazed donut into a tub of Nutella?