Krispy Kreme is now selling “luxury doughnuts,” and you need to stare at them

Krispy Kreme has always kept it relatively classic when it comes to doughnuts, but no longer: Krispy Kreme Japan now has a “premium” doughnut line and they’re absolutely gorgeous.

Four new flavors, appropriately being called “miniature cakes” instead of plain-old doughnuts, come equipped with elaborate fillings, glazes, and decorations.

The flavors themselves sound unbelievably delicious:

Premium Brûlée Glazed Cream, which is a caramelized doughnut filled with whipped custard cream.

Premium Sakura, a doughnut inspired by Japanese cherry blossoms, stuffed with berry paste and topped with pink cherry icing.

Premium Matcha Adzuki, a doughnut topped with green-tea whipped creme and stuffed with an Adzuki red-bean filling.

Premium Latte Bunny, which is an Easter-themed doughnut stuffed with coffee-flavored cream.


Unfortunately for the rest of the world, these literal masterpieces are only available at one location in Japan, so all we can do is stare longingly at them from afar.

We can certainly hope other locations get on board soon.