A single Krispy Kreme opened in Ireland, and the video of the line will give you anxiety

We love Krispy Kreme donuts. And it turns out, so do the people of Ireland. The famed franchise recently opened its first ever Irish location in Dublin—and pandemonium ensued.

Problems apparently arose when hours-long queues of cars lined up at the newly opened store’s drive-through—and relentlessly honked their horns in their wild excitement and impatience. This led to major noise complaints from local residents, forcing Krispy Kreme Ireland to change its hours. In a statement released on October 3rd, the company said that the drive-through facility would cease its 24-hour service and will now only be open between the hours of 6 a.m. and 11:30 p.m.

"We anticipated a warm welcome for Krispy Kreme in Ireland and have long wanted to open a store here, but the response has been way ahead of our most optimistic expectations," Richard Cheshire, CEO of Krispy Kreme U.K. and Ireland said, according to the Independent.

Cheshire went on to say that even though the new store and its drive-through have been a success, Krispy Kreme has listened to complaints and intends to ensure that the noise does not disrupt the neighborhood anymore. Naturally, Twitter is having a field day with this news, posting hilarious tweets about the mayhem.



Who else is craving an Original Glazed doughnut right about now?

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