Krispy Kreme created a watermelon donut and it’s the most insane thing we’ve ever seen

Two of our favorite things just became one: donuts and watermelon. It’s basically like the Food Fairy decided to bestow a special gift upon us this summer and they came up with the coolest concoction they could think of. Except – the Food Fairy just so happens to be Krispy Kreme.

On their website, Krispy Kreme describes the watermelon donut as mainly consisting of “watermelon fruit juice jelly with chocolate chips.” As for the donut’s “rind,” is it “watermelon-flavoured chocolate.” Though we’re not sure how we feel about combining watermelon and chocolate, we do have high hopes – especially because it reminds us of this classic frozen delicacy:


Now back to the donut, which looks as delicious as the above:

Sadly, in the midst of all this amazing info, we have some bad news: This donut – along with the lemon one that was just released – is only available in Japan, until July 19th, for 230 yen (about $2.17).

We’d now like to pen a quick letter to Krispy Kreme:

Dearest Krispy Kreme,

From the moment we first laid eyes on your watermelon donut, we knew there was something special between us. To put it simply, we have fallen in love with your watermelon donut. But alas! We do not live in Japan! Consequently, we would love and appreciate it if you would consider bringing this donut to the United States so we could arrange a meeting in person.

With love,


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