Kris Jenner: Super-Mom or Super Villain?

And you thought being a soccer mom was hard. A day after her daughter Kim Kardashian gave birth, Kris Jenner was back to buzzing around Hollywood. After presenting an award at the 40th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, Jenner visited Taj and Tayana Jackson’s wedding reception to congratulate the couple and discuss Kim’s recent addition to the Kardashian empire.

I am not a fan of Kris Jenner. She could save a cute animal species from the verge of extinction single-handedly and in the back of my mind, I would still wonder whether or not she was doing it for the publicity. I kind of feel bad about thinking that but at the same time, she has not done anything to prove me otherwise. If she has, I was probably too busy catching up with 30 Rock to notice. Sorry, but a girl has priorities. That being said, Jenner’s ability to mill around California less than a week after becoming a grandmother is impressive. The transition from mother to grandmother is a tough one, considering how anxious most people get about growing older. The fact that she wasn’t pulling out the knitting needles, researching dentures, and starting every sentence with “Well, back in my day…” proves she can handle big life changes better than I ever could. (Don’t even ask me about when I turned 18 unless you want to see me crawl into a hole with a Beanie Baby and never come out.)

Mothers are a fascinating breed of human. Most can maintain a job, foster successful relationships, and not lose their minds at the fact that another living creature is entirely dependent on them. I could barely keep a Tamogachi alive, never mind an actual breathing, talking, pooping person. Celebrity mothers have to do all of that in front of millions of people every day, a feat which continues to shock me.

But people have started to question Jenner’s intentions by attending these parties.  Was she really just trying to be a “super-mom” and continue her day-to-day life by running around Hollywood the day after her first grand-daughter was born? Or was she using Kim’s baby for her own benefit? At the Daytime Emmy event, Jenner’s stories about her grand-daughter Kaidence Donda West (a name that only confirms my suspicions that the Kardashians aim to copyright the letter K sometime in the near future) stole the show from other attendees who had hoped to advertise their own achievements. Bethenney Frankel, for example, who planned to discuss the September premiere of her new talk show, was pushed aside as media insiders flocked to Jenner to hear about the new arrival.

Was Jenner’s busy day simply another ploy for attention? If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, will it make a sound? Will Jennifer Lawrence ever accept my Facebook friend request? The answers to these questions, no one will ever know, although we could make a couple of guesses about the first one. This would not be the first time Jenner has used her daughters to perpetuate her own fame, after all. One source says Kris even asked relatives to tune into her new talk show (premiering in July) to hear more details about Kim’s new baby. And while Kanye has insisted that he does not want his baby in the spotlight (a revelation that was surprising to me because, Kanye), Kim, some believe, will be easier to persuade if her fans expressed interest.

Alas, we somehow ended up discussing Kimye, which is besides the point. My question to you guys is: Was Jenner’s multiple outings so soon after the baby’s birth just another example of the reality star trying to steal the spotlight? Was she really trying to use Kaidence’s birth, which the media has been anticipating for months, to make her the center of attention again? Or was Jenner doing what any other grandmother would do: bragging endlessly about her new family member to anyone that would listen? Was she being a super mom/grand-mom or a super villain?

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