This thing Kris Jenner said about Caitlyn Jenner sounds not-great on the surface—but it’s actually a solid compliment

Whatever your feelings on the Kardashian clan, the relationship between former spouses Kris Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner remains a fascinating evolution. Parents to a brood of socialites and one of the first couples to go through a public split that involved Caitlyn coming out as a transgender woman, the two have weathered a lot of storms together and reminded us that any close relationship between two people is impossible to boil down to cliches. Especially when your ex steals your outfit.

Recently, Kris Jenner was called upon to guest host Fashion Police on E! The hosting spot came in the wake of fashion week in New York, where the whole Kardashian family turned out to support son-in-law Kanye West’s latest collection of clothing. Turns out Kanye had the final word on their outfits for his show, and Kris thinks she got the short end of the stick.

When asked who the worst dressed at Fashion Week was, Kris regretfully admits that her pick for worst “I think is going to be Caitlyn.” Jenner admits she has one valid reason for the critique, which is that she doesn’t like the shoes paired with the skirt. Her main reason, however, is a little more personal. “The second reason is because I really would’ve like this outfit for myself. She kind of stole it.”

The skirt in question is pictured above, and we’ve got to ask: is it wrong to find it kind of adorable that a former married couple now fights over who gets to wear the rad skirt? We also greatly appreciate the fact that Kris is honest enough to admit her choice for worst dress is coming almost entirely from jealousy. If we’re going to sit around judging people’s fashion on national television, it’s good to be clear that we aren’t operating on an ivory tower concept of personal expression. “She stole my skirt,” is an understandable reason to ding an ex on her fashion points, though we think she should also add, in fairness “And wore the HELL out of it.”

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