Kris Jenner and the Kardashian sisters had a private meeting with Tristan Thompson—without Khloé—after the cheating scandal broke

The two most recent episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians have dealt with a particularly dramatic part of the past year—specifically, when Khloé gave birth to baby True…a mere days after she found out Tristan Thompson had cheated on her. The episodes have been tense (to say the least), but have proven that the Kardashian-Jenner clan, despite the occasional inter-sister fight‚ is nothing if not loyal. In fact, on the November 18th episode, Khloé revealed that mom Kris and sisters Kim and Kourtney planned a private meeting with Tristan after True was born so that they could talk to him in an off-camera conversation—without Khloé present.

"Tristan said to me that he wants to talk with my sisters and my mom," Khloé said to the camera. "I have my own personal feelings because this happened to me, but my sisters also have their feelings and they are very much entitled to that, Khloé said. “When there’s drama, people love to be like, ‘Well, this is my relationship, I don’t need to involve people.’ Well, in this family, you do."

“I’ve always been very respectful that this [reality TV] is not Tristan’s career, and having conversations like this isn’t comfortable for him on camera,” she continued. “He might not want to be as vulnerable as he normally would in private. Me and Tristan will deal with this at a later time, because there are some things [that are] deeper than being documented. It takes more time than just an episode.”

While we can of course understand how this scenario might not work for many families, we’re actually so glad to know that Khloé’s family had her back during what must have been one of the hardest periods of her life. We also hope that—after all these months—everyone is healing and that Khloé is doing okay. Because KoKo obviously deserves the best.

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