Heinz just introduced Kranch, which—yes—is just ketchup mixed with ranch, and the internet has thoughts

We’ve seen cinnamon-flavored Oreos. Hot dog Pringles. And yes, even milkshake-flavored McDonald’s dipping sauces (though that last one was admittedly just an epic April Fools’ Day prank). And just when we thought the world of flavor combinations couldn’t surprise us ever again, Heinz goes and debuts Kranch—a new “saucy sauce” that is literally just ketchup mixed with ranch.

No joke.

According to Heinz, it’s “a mouthwatering mix of ketchup, ranch and a special blend of spices.” The brand will also be introducing two other new dipping sauce combinations: Mayocue (which is mayonnaise and barbecue sauce), and Mayomust (mayonnaise mixed with mustard).

Some people on Twitter are stoked for this new development.




Some are…less thrilled.


What are your thoughts on Kranch (and Mayocue and Mayomust): Match made in heaven, or unholy combo?

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