Kourtney Kardashian Just Tattooed Travis Barker Herself to Show Her Love, Which, Wow

This isn't even his first tattoo in honor of Kourtney.

The phrase “whirlwind relationship” doesn’t even seem to properly describe what’s happening between Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker these days, but nevertheless, they’re expressing their love in a very permanent way. After tattooing his girlfriend’s name on his torso, Barker just let Kourtney tattoo him herself.

Like, with an actual tattoo gun. For real.

On Wednesday, Kardashian shared photos of herself giving him some new ink, and she looked like a total pro doing it.

If you swipe over, you can see the finished product: the words “I love you” on Barker’s arm, written in Kardashian’s own handwriting. That’s kinda sweet, actually!

And it definitely seems like the Blink-182 drummer agrees, because he left a comment on her post, writing, “woman of many talents.”

Last month, Barker debuted a tattoo of Kardashian’s first name, which she showed off on her own Instagram feed.

Since Kardashian and Barker are old friends, it’s not surprising that things have moved quickly in their relationship. But given the fact that Kardashian has tended to be semi-private about her dating life since her long situationship with Scott Disick came to an end, it definitely seems to mean something significant that she’s so open about this guy.

So, is it finally Kardashian’s turn to get a tattoo for Barker? It would only be fair.