9 affordable beauty products Kourtney Kardashian swears by

Kourtney Kardashian recently spoke to a whole slew of beauty reporters about the Kardashian Beauty line and her own beauty preferences. While we didn’t get the chance to talk to Kourt, luckily our friends at Glamour and Cosmopolitan did and they took excellent notes. From what we’ve learned, Kourtney has a whole beauty regimen that we can learn from. Here are a few of the  products that she uses every day. And guess what? They won’t break the bank.

1. Kardashian Quickie Mascara


It seems like this product has been part of her routine for years. In 2013 she told Into the Gloss, “For my eyes, my day-to-day just involves curling my lashes to open up my eyes, and applying our mascara, The Quickie.”

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2. Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream


Though she doesn’t specify which of the eight-hour lip creams she uses, there are a bunch to choose from, she does swear by this line. Lucky for us, there are a few varieties so we can choose which works best for us.

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3. Rosewater spray


Habits happen and sometimes we don’t know why, which sounds kinda like the boat Kourt is in with rosewater. But rosewater also sounds like a pretty luxurious habit to be in. “I have to spray my face when I’m done with a rosewater spray. I don’t know why — it’s just, like, a habit.”

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4. Mama Mio Boob Tube


Kourtney definitely made it sound as if this is the product she puts above all the rest. “You put it on from your neck down to here (put hand at her boob-level) and it has all good ingredients and I’m kind of obsessed with it because I’m starting to feel the aging signs recently. So that’s my new thing, to slather it. And I will do it down to my toes. It’s like a lotion, and it says it firms and tightens a little and they say put it from here (points to her neck) down, but I’ll take it all the way down because I’m like if it’s doing something here, it’s got to be good for my legs and everything else.”

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5. Deeply Felt Eyeliner


“It’s all about the applicator,” Kourtney said.

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6. Coconut Oil


“I love using coconut oil for everything,” she told Cosmopolitan UK. “You can literally use it on your hair, skin, body, it does everything.”

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7. Manuka Doctor Gold Dust Firming Serum


She also told Cosmo, “I also really like to apply the Manuka Doctor Gold Dust Firming Serum, under my makeup.”

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8. Apinourish Hydrating Facial Cleanser


“I always start by washing my face with Manuka Doctor’s Hydrating Facial Cleanser,” Kourtney told Cosmopolitan.

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9. EltaMD Sun Care


During the day I usually wear EltaMD sunscreen, as my Dermatologist recommended it.”

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Thanks for all the tips, Kourt!