ICYMI, Kourtney Kardashian Has Short Hair Now

She looks so different!

Kourtney Kardashian has made a lot of changes since her relationship with Travis Barker began—like sharing PDA on social media and actually openly eating McDonald’s—and now, we can add chopping off her hair to the list, too.

For as long as we can remember, Kardashian has been known for her long, dark hair, but over the weekend, she showed off a lob on Instagram, a super dramatic change for her.

She didn’t explain much about her choice, keeping her caption simple with just a scissors emoji, but she looks adorable, and it’s clear that Barker approves, because he commented, “You’re perfect.” She’s getting plenty of rave reviews from her friends, too—Paris Hilton even chimed in to write, “Love this short hair on you!”

It seemed inevitable that this was coming, based on a post that Kardashian shared last week. She and Barker were quarantined together for 10 days (though she didn’t explain beyond that) and during that time, he actually cut her hair—swipe over on the post below to see a bunch of it on her bathroom floor—but she didn’t show off her new look until now, so her followers have definitely been curious. Kardashian did say in a comment that he’s “good with his hands,” though.

No word on whether or not Barker cut off all of this length or not, but it’s probably safe to assume she’s been to the salon since then, given the fact that she tagged hairstylist Peter Savic in the photo.

And even though there’s no doubt Kardashian was glad to get out of her quarantine and see her kids again, it seems like she and Barker didn’t mind being holed up too much—at least, not according to her Instagram, anyway.

Fingers crossed we get more photos of Kardashian’s new ‘do soon. It’s a huge change for the former Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, but it’s super cute.

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