Kourtney Kardashian just posted a seriously heartwarming #TBT

I’m not gonna lie, I follow all of the Kardashians on Instagram: every, single, one. Kourtney, the eldest of the Kardashian sibling brood, consistently sets my social-media-loving heart aglow with her ‘grams. IMHO she is the most underrated of the Kardashians.

Kourtney often posts pix of her three kids:

She also (obviously) posts a lot of selfies:

And she saves room for a fair number of throwbacks — most recently a pic she posted from her high school graduation alongside her late father, Robert Kardashian.

Apparently Kourtney has posted an album of graduation pictures on her app, but this photo with her dad is particularly special. All the Kardashian kids have spoken about their important bond with their father,  Kourtney called him her “first love,” and it’s so wonderful to see that he was there for this important life moment. Losing a family member is one of the worst things life can bring, and it’s these photos and memories that keep that person alive long after they’re gone.

This is certainly not the first time that Kourtney has posted a pic of her father on Instagram, and we know it won’t be the last. What we do know though, is that it’s hard to look at this picture, think of the backstory, and not get all choked up.