This Korean teen is going almost as viral as Adele for, well, covering Adele

If there’s anyone here right now who hasn’t heard Adele’s new song “Hello”, please raise your hand. No one? We thought so. Because the song completely blew up and is stuck in the minds of all people everywhere. And that’s not a bad thing.

It’s definitely not a bad thing for one teenage girl in Seoul, South Korea. A YouTube video featuring the girl singing Adele’s “Hello” has gone almost as viral as Adele for singing her own version of “Hello.” But it’s not surprising, because the girl seriously rocks it.

The super-talented student from Seoul Music High School belted out the Adele single while her classmate rocked the piano. The video uploaded earlier this month has received more than 14 million views and has almost 230,000 likes and over 13,000 comments — all of which are mostly praising the girl for her ridiculously amazing voice.

The girl certainly wasn’t the first person to do a cover of the really, really popular song, but she’s by far a fan favorite — and an Ellen favorite. Ellen loved her performance so much, she invited her to fly all the way from South Korea to perform the song. And again to no one’s surprise, she just as good live on TV as she is live on YouTube.

Not only does she perfectly capture the emotion of the song, but she puts her own brilliant spin on it and really makes it her own.

Prepare to be blown away by her original cover:

And here’s Adele’s version, in case you somehow forgot what it sounded like.

(Featured image via YouTube)

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