The Korean “Dream Team” has introduced us to the art of pizza dancing

There’s so much you can do with pizza. You can eat it…that’s usually pretty much it, but this Korean pizza dancing team, known as the “Dream Team,” proves that dancing with pizza should be everyone’s goal in life. In a viral video, Munchies shows off the skills of Korea’s only pizza performance group and yes, our minds are being blown as we type. Already, pizza is worth dancing for, but dancing with it? Now that’s a match made in oregano heaven.

While stretching the handmade dough, the five-person group spins it up, down, and all around because…well, why not? Already, the “Dream Team” has won two World Pizza Games championships and has even broken a Guinness World Record for the most over-the-shoulder dough tosses.

It shouldn’t be so surprising that the internet is incredibly excited about one of America’s favorite dishes. It’s already been proven that pizza is the best way to motivate employees to work hard. Really, though, what are you even doughing with your life if you don’t eat pizza?

So stop loafing around, and get a look at the mad skills this pizza dancing squad has in Munchies’s video below.

Honestly, though, has playing with your food ever been this exciting?

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