Mention “kombucha” or “sparkling wine” in a message if you really want your online dating match to respond

The online dating game is challenging, to say the least. More often than not it involves a lot of one-sided messaging and virtual ghosting. But according to dating app Zoosk’s recent “Drinking & Dating” study, mentioning the words “kombucha” or “sparkling wine” in a message will make your match more likely to respond. It looks like there really are such things as magic words.

To collect data for the study, Zoosk surveyed 8,793 of its members and analyzed 133,175 dating messages. The dating site wanted to see how drinking (and not just the alcoholic kind) and dating culture correlate. Perhaps one of the most interesting results Zoosk found is that talking about specific drinks in a message can increase response rate and make for longer-lasting conversation.

For example, the study found that mentioning “sparkling wine” in conversation will increase the response rate by 29%.

Other cocktails that sparked responses are Long Island iced teas, which increased the response rate by 15%, and caipirinha, which increased response rate by 10%. Bellinis, brandy, Fireball, and champagne also made the list.

And if the person you’re chatting to doesn’t like to indulge in alcoholic beverages, mentioning kombucha will increase response rate by 16%, Zoosk found. Other nonalcoholic drinks that got conversation flowing were matcha, LaCroix, espresso, and even ginger ale.

When you get to the first date, Zoosk found that 62% of men order beer, while 62% of women order wine to possibly quell first date nerves.

Coffee and margaritas appeared below beer and wine on the favorite first date drink list for both genders.

Although drinking and dating do go hand-in-hand in many situations, Zoosk found that 81% of non-drinkers said they would date someone who drinks, and 86% of alcohol drinkers said they would date someone who abstains from alcohol. This is good: love can work no matter your drink preference.

We don’t know about you guys, but we’re definitely going to throw a “sparkling wine” or “kombucha” into our next dating app message. It’s hard to resist a refreshing beverage.

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