Koko the Gorilla has an important sign language message about protecting the environment

Koko the Gorilla has been learning sign language since 1972. She lives at the Gorilla Foundation in Redwood City, California, and over the course of four decades she’s learned thousands of words which she uses to communicate with humans. She knows over 2,000 words in spoken in English, plus 1,000 words of a special form of sign language called Gorilla Sign Language (GSL). Whether she’s getting kittens for her birthday or chatting with the late Robin Williams, our hearts melt every time we see this special gorilla in the news.

Once again, Koko is giving us heart eyes with a beautiful new message about protecting our planet. Upworthy posted a video to its Facebook page yesterday and captioned it, “Koko, the gorilla that can talk with humans, was recently informed of what was at stake during the world’s climate-related summit. Edited for brevity and continuity, this is how she responded.”

We then see Koko sign, “I am Gorilla. I am flowers, animals . . . I am Nature.” Our hearts are already breaking at this point, but she then signs an urgent plea for humans to fix the earth and it’s so moving that we can barely watch.

The video is part of a viral campaign started by the French organization Noé Conservation in response to the Paris Climate Conference last December. You can take a look at it below.

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[Image and video via Facebook.]