We’re loving Kohl’s newest holiday ad starring a same-sex couple

It’s been said that effecting change is like reversing the direction of a cruise ship—it’s a very, very slow endeavor. But piece-by-piece, you chip away at the old way of doing things—sometimes in big, significant ways like when a federal law is changed—or in small, but nonetheless meaningful ways like when you feature a same-sex couple in a major holiday TV spot.

The folks at Kohl’s made the decision to do just that when they released a new holiday commercial, called “Celebrate Togetherness,” as a part of their #AllTogetherNow campaign, featuring a young gay couple sharing the holiday with friends, family, and two very cute puppies. The shot of the couple standing side by side for a toast takes up only a fraction of the 30-second ad, but their role in this depiction of a multigenerational family coming together to celebrate the season is incredibly touching.

The response to the ad has been, for the most part, wonderfully positive and celebratory. People are happy that the company is embracing diversity —and we are too. Well done, Kohl’s. Here’s what uses on Twitter are saying:

Kohl’s joins a growing legion of companies featuring same-sex couples in their ads, including Tiffany & Co., Chobani, and Campbell’s. While the path to progress and inclusivity is taking some time, we’re so glad it’s happening, and that so many are on board.

Check out the heartwarming clip below:


(Image via YouTube)