Even koalas are hooking up on Tinder now

Koalas: they’re just like us. They enjoy sleeping 20 hours a day. Their favorite hobby is eating. And when it comes time to find a mate, they turn to a high-tech dating app to find a match.

Wait, what?

Yes, “Tinder for koalas” is a real thing, although it’s much more scientific than the nickname lets on. As 9news.com.au reports, the marsupial version of Tinder is actually two software systems that find ideal breeding “matches” for koalas based on their genetic profiles. Basically, these koalas are only swiping right at pre-approved mates, and their hookups have a lofty goal: producing a healthy and strong generation of baby koalas, called “joeys.”


Developed by the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation, the program has already successfully produced six joeys in captivity. The next step? Bring in wild female koalas to meet their matches, and, if sparks fly, release them back into the wild with a joey in their pouch.

Our favorite part of this story is imagining the older generation of koalas shaming millennial koalas for their high-tech dating habits. What ever happened to the good old days when you’d meet your soulmate on a eucalyptus branch? Sigh.