What we know about the next season of ‘American Horror Story’ (Two words: Lady Gaga)

The fifth chapter of American Horror Story can’t come fast enough. Lucky for us some major details were just announced, including the theme and a featured star. Here’s everything we know about season five!

This season is called ‘Hotel’ So far we’ve seen Murder House, Asylum, Coven and Freak Show. Those were spooky enough, but ‘Hotel’ has the potential to be downright chilling. Tell us more, FX!

There will be 13 episodes Every season’s ratings have been higher than the last, a trend that’s almost guaranteed to continue with season five.

Lady Gaga will be part of it!

She tweeted the news herself! But don’t expect Sound of Music Lady Gaga. This will likely be Mother Monster Gaga, a la that red lace number she wore to the MTV VMAs.

No, really: Lady Gaga will be part of it

Some of our ‘AHS’ favorites probably won’t be, though Regulars like Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson and Emma Roberts aren’t likely to return, but you never know.

It’s coming in October Just in time for Halloween! Is it fall yet?

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