Kleenex (yes, like the tissues) just launched a cool new skincare product

When you think of Kleenex, there’s no doubt you immediately think of their indispensable and life-saving tissues. But did you know Kleenex has a skincare line? Yep, it’s true: Kleenex just released a new product, exfoliating cleansing pads, and the best part is that they’re super affordable.

Let’s be real: Kleenex tissues are an absolute necessity for most of us. Made a mess trying to perfect your cat eye? Watched a particularly emotional episode of This Is Us? Kleenex has got the market cornered on keeping our eyes and noses dry, but now they’re expanding into the realm of skincare, and it actually it makes a ton of sense.

Branching out into affordable skincare is a natural progression for Kleenex. The brand launched their Facial Cleansing Collection back in late 2015, with the line hitting most major retailers late last summer (score!) and their latest product is something all of us lazy girls absolutely need in our lives: exfoliating cushions that will gently remove dirt, makeup, and oil while also exfoliating skin.

According to Byrdie, the wipes retail for $10 and come with 12 disposable pads, “all neatly tucked in a reusable dispenser.” They seem perfect for a low-maintenance beauty routine, or for any nights where a full face scrub seems totally exhausting and all you want is a quick swipe to feel smooth and makeup-free.


The exfoliating cleansing pads are available for purchase at retailers like Target, Walmart, Walgreens, and Amazon and seem like the perfect product to add to our beauty arsenals ASAP. Kleenex recommends using them a few times a week, though, so it should be noted that they’re not intended for daily use. This makes sense, given that too much exfoliation is never a good thing.

As for the other products in Kleenex’s skincare line? You can snag the brand’s face wipes ($10), eye makeup remover pads ($10), blotting sheets ($4), and more, all for very reasonable prices. And, really, who knows better about taking care of our skin than the makers of soothing tissues with lotion?